About The Stable Sessions

For over 30 years I have witnessed and sometimes even had the pleasure of playing in some fantastic music sessions around the world. Often these sessions would happen behind closed doors, in someone's house, a back room in a bar, perhaps in a greenroom at some venue, sometimes in a recording studio after a recording session was over or when a party was beginning to die down in the small hrs of the morning  and someone would strike up a chord.

Looking back, I have fond memories of sessions I was part of and the many magical moments I enjoyed along the way with some very gifted musicians some of whom have now passed on. Of course there are also many sessions I have absolutely no memory of at all except a photograph to prove that I was there, perhaps those ones are best left alone.

One night in July 2014, Daithi Rua, a very polished, seasoned professional singer  and songwriter from the midlands of Ireland was staying with me for a few days. We ended up having a few glasses of wine and It wasn't long before the conversation was flowing. Inevitably the conversation eventually turned to the music industry and how much it has changed, how hard it is to get music heard in the commercial world we live in today and how hard it can be sometimes just to make ends meet.

By the time the conversation had ended Daithi was sitting on a stool in a Stable recording what was to become the very first "Stable Session".

The room itself started out life as a Stable but in 2014 that all changed thanks to Daithi's performance. It's now a live music room, a room that allows me to witness sessions again, a room where the magic can happen and often does, the only difference this time, is that it can all be recorded as it happens.

All the team involved in the Stable Sessions are all highly passionate and motivated individuals that come with a wealth of experience in Audio/Visual recording. The best in equipment is used to ensure the best from each session is captured. This is all done in a homely environment at the foot of the Dublin mountains surrounded by trees, fields, plenty of wildlife and some good home cooking, even the art of coffee makingis finely tuned. All these ingredients help to create a good environment for artists to do what they do best which is to perform their songs and music live which I am delighted to be able share with you.

Many new features will be added to the Stable Sessions website over the coming months and years as there is a long term plan in place, including live broadcast, so make sure you become a member and keep up to date with all the latest news on upcoming recordings and events.

Thank you for joining me on this musical Journey,